Contractor: Cantu Construction
Square Footage: 2,400 sq. ft.

The décor for this project is modern and sleek. The lighting creates an atmosphere of easy sophistication. The walls and ceilings contribute integrally to creating a superior acoustics and audio environment. 

Located in the historic McAllen Entertainment District, this project was constructed from the ground up. LED lighting, bamboo wood, recycled wall coverings, textiles and concrete counters rendered to a green, eco-friendly project.


Contractor: Karam 
Square Footage: 12,332 sq. ft.

This hospitality installation begun as a modest brick pharmacy/laundry building. It was transformed through careful planning and research into a Moroccan escape – an updated interpretation of Middle Eastern chic. The interiors are infused with refreshing expressions of saturated color and eclectic furnishings-creating a luxurious, yet casual outdoor environment.

Featured in LUXE magazine

ROOF 324

Square Footage: 1,995 SQ. FT.

Located in the historic McAllen entertainment district, Roof 324 is situated in a restored historical building. A bar on the ground floor and a lounge with a 15 foot lite marquee  on the rooftop overlooking downtown McAllen are minimally furnished and lite enhancing the textures of the vintage brick and plaster walls. Historic and industrial Roof 324 combines the past with the present with style and elegances.

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